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is a leading private equity firm founded 50 years ago, and today we are ideally poised to invest in all politically stable, dynamic and fast-growing markets across the globe. Our business focus is financing and otherwise supporting compelling business ventures led by solid individuals. Our driving passions revolve around creating high paying middle income jobs in the US and across the globe.

We are proud to present our latest offering as the result of securing a very exclusive relationship with a domestic lender, which has taken a lot of time and diligence to develop.

With this fund we finance business ventures in virtually any industry or sector. The only restriction placed on the “maximum” level of financing that can be obtained is that the business plan and the team implementing the plan are realistically feasible. In other words, the amount of money asked for has to be justified in terms of the Borrower’s ability to use the funds appropriately.

Lending Program Overview:
There is very little restriction on the type of loan to be funded. The fund is available to qualified existing or startup companies, partnerships, societies, etc. operating in a politically stable country. Strict scientific research projects or any other ventures without sound and clearly identified means of generating the cash flow and capital needed to make the required loan will not meet the Lender’s requirements. Specifically, the borrower will need to demonstrate that their project is at the “shovel ready” stage with off-takes, if applicable, and where any and all government regulations, permits, licenses, fees or any other similar restrictions, obstructions or “hurdles” have already been cleared, or will, imminently, be cleared.

Loan Terms and Description: 

Please download and review the document shown below:

Long Term Structured Finance For $40M+ Projects


We target Startup and Later Stage Companies, with Proven Technologies, Experienced Management Teams, that generally combine bonding, insurance, permits, licenses, take-out agreements, and EPC/EPCM agreements as the baseline to be underwritten under our proprietary investment model.

Sector Agnostic/Diversified Deal Flow:

Commercial real estate loans – including multi-family, industrial, offices, retail, hotels, casinos, land, special office buildings, and other income producing properties

Commercial real estate development – including commercial real estate, residential developments, industrial, warehousing, office buildings, student housing, and assisted living facilities

Hospitality project – new construction including hotels, resorts, condotels, time shares, golf-courses, marinas and water parks.

Energy projects- including wind, solar, biofuel, geothermal, hydropower, biomass, and other renewable energy projects as well as more traditional waste to energy initiatives such as coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric

Independent power projects

Petrochemical projects

Oil and gas facilities

LNG projects

Refining – including biodiesel and ethanol


Infrastructure finance – including but not limited to: airports and seaports, stadiums and entertainment facilities, utility construction, pipeline construction, mass transit systems and toll roads, power projects, and large commercial real estate development’s

Aviation – equipment maintenance, fleet port facilities, railways, and toll roads

Biopharma plants – biotechnology, pharmaceutical

Water treatment and desalination projects

Hospitals and health care facilities

Housing/student housing/college and university buildings

Public-use and recreational facilities

Industrial and manufacturing projects

Equipment projects

Information technology companies

Funding Energy Projects
Project investment should be $40 million and up, with a preference for larger projects (greater than $40 million to $2 billion). We have a strong preference for operating assets or those that can be funded and construction started as soon as possible. Wind and solar projects that can’t commence construction immediately are still of interest, if they are over $100 million in total capital costs.  Projects outside the US can be in the early development stages, but would need to have other compelling factors such as off-taker commitment, government commitment, and proven technologies. We can also show you how to take advantage of all tax breaks and grants.

Refinancing Power Plants
We can refinance your existing facilities for up to 40 years, thus giving you the ability to upgrade or retrofit, withdraw equity and possibly lower your current interest rate (provided you have an acceptable remaining take-or-pay Power Purchase Agreement of 10 years or longer).

We never ask for upfront fees and we receive no compensation until you get your money at closing.  You can be assured that we will never waste your time.

Purchasing Power Plants
If you own an existing Biomass, Gas, Hydro, Geothermal, Steam, Solar, Wind or Coal-fired power plant, we are interested in buying it for a reasonable and fair price. The plant does not have to currently be operating, but it must be 20 MW or more. Coal-fired plants that have been shut down by EPA regulations are of particular interest if they are 75 MW or more.


  1. Fully capitalized transaction for the term of the PPA or off-take agreement (preferable 15 years or longer)
  2. Credit underwriting is based on the credit worthiness of the PPA or off-take maker (with a BBB  S&P or Moody’s credit rating or better)
  3. Up 100% of capital needed for the project (provided the project cash flows at required ratio’s)
  4. Will provide construction funding (with approved EPC)
  5. Fully capitalized transaction no residual recapture
  6. Normally no project ownership is required by lender, only revenue sharing
  7. Developer receives all tax benefits, tax credits, grants, etc.
  8. Developer can take reasonable developer fee out up-front
  9. Low capital cost (beginning rate in the 3.0%-4.0% depending on credit rating of PPA/off-take maker)
  10. No monthly payments due until project is producing revenue
  11. Fast closing
  12. Prefer  take-or-pay (with min capacity payments and with a date certain) format PPA or off-take
  13. 1.5 DCR or better
  14. Min. $40 million on shore, $50 million offshore
  15. USA & Offshore (most countries)

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our main programs, listed above, or with any other questions. We continue vetting and developing programs for our clients, so we may have something that suits your needs even if there is not an exact match with what is outlined above.

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